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Bulk Whole Spices Caraway Seeds 1 kg by Bulk Whole Spices

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Kilner 70 ml Mini Spice Herb Clip Top Jam Jars (Pack of 12) from Raywa...

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Magnetic Spice Jars, set of 6 Spice Storage Jars & Canisters / 6 P...

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Babas Meat Curry Powder from Babas

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Tropical Sun Caribbean Mild Curry Powder - 100g

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Africa's Finest Jollof Seasoning 100 g (Pack of 6) from Kraft

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ASHLEY 4-Tier Spice Rack, Silver by ASHLEY

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Spices are the fragrant part of plants including seeds, flowers, leaves barks or the roots. Spices are usually found in the tropics. Spices are used in cooking and can be whole or ground. Spices and herbs and are used in cooking and in baking to flavour and to colour food. Herbs and spices are also used in making medicines and cosmetics, and they are also used to preserve food.

Spices and herbs add flavour and improve the taste of the food, but are also beneficial nutritional properties.